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Petrol Remote Control Cars are as close as you can get to the real driving experience. This comes from two factors, their scale, usually 1:5 is substantially larger than the ones of their little brothers, the nitro and electric remote controlled cars. Secondly, their fuel engine which is using a mixture of  unleaded petrol and 2-stroke oil will create a considerable higher amount of power and real car racing sound.


This Petrol Remote Controlled Baja Buggy is a huge model that offers an amazing look and comes with a powerful 23cc 2-stroke engine that pushes the buggy up to speeds of 50 mph. The attention to detail put into this racer is far beyond what most other machines offer.


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Although they are sometimes significantly more expensive than their nitro and electric counter parts (ranging from a few hundred to thousands of Dollars), they prove sometimes as the more sensible investment as their fuel consumption and maintenance is very little. Once you run your Petrol Remote Control Car, there is no stopping and operation-cost are very low. Another benefit, they are normally usable straight from the box, no difficult assembling necessary.


Petrol Remote Control Monster Truck This petrol remote controlled Beast is just massive and comes in either a camouflaged Hummer shell or as a black Ford F-150 monster truck shell that both look really cool. It is ready to race out of the box and does not require any assembly. See here for more details have a peek at these guys.


Whilst highest speed, despite their powerful engines, is not on the top list of these cars abilities, their high powered engine will make Petrol Remote Control Cars the Off-Road- Kings. Another advantage is, that they can run on normal fuel you can buy at your next corner gas station. Naturally the fuel powered engine and the size of these cars do not allow any indoor operation, but require you to go outdoors.


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The alternatives to our Petrol Remote Control Cars are Nitro and Electric Powered Cars.


More info : http://rcstate.com/6-of-the-best-electric-rc-car/


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